Who we are

Whether focused on strategies for business, conception or implementation, we have the people, skills and experience to effectively shape client value. We offer software solutions for practical use – highly user-oriented. We have been doing this since 24 years with enthusiasm, passion and competence.

Using the latest technologies to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency is the core competence of our company. To ensure that it stays that way we spend much time and money for research and training every year. Besides, we are continuously on the trail of new trends that could be promising options for our clients.

IT technologies are only means to an end. From a broad range of technologies, we identify the opportunities leading best to your goal. In doing so, we sketch new ways and create innovative software solutions – that make a difference.

What we are doing

Whether software development, IT consulting or innovation, in each of our business areas we develop the optimal solution for every requirement and task. In doing so, we always include our clients in the creative process. From the brainstorming to the final implementation of the concepts, everything is done in close collaboration and from a single source.

Analysis of requirements

First of all, we want to understand your needs. How does the work of a typical user look like? Which requirements play a crucial role, which ones are feasible and make sense?

Smart ideas

Which are the functions that best fulfil the requirements of the users? How do we have to create them to be most comprehensible for the users? We help you to find, develop, and evaluate smart ideas.

User Experience

Every IT solution is most successful when the needs of the users are taken into account from the beginning. We achieve this by conduction surveys, interviews or usability tests of prototypes.

Implementation expertise

We help you putting your ideas into practice. In doing so, we examine your concern from different perspectives and create a sustainable implementation plan we are gladly responsible for as the project progresses.

Team player

Working with a partner like INOSOFT means personnel commitment, mutual confidence and enthusiasm about the project. Ultimately, we enable our clients to become high-performant businesses.


Very often, the real challenges become apparent after the completion of a project. We help you in all questions about the operation of your solution. And we will still support you when the project is over.

Topics & Trends

It is not always easy to compete in the fast turning world of new IT technologies. Success depends mainly on the ability to evaluate market trends and to pursue the right subjects and technologies. We are monitoring the market intensely. In doing so, we profit from our experience to recognize opportunities and to use them effectively for our clients.

18876375 Lines of source code
2005 Realized projects
275 Technologies
66 Employees
24 Age of the company
3 Dogs

Our clients

In the past 24 years, we have shown our solution competence in more than 2000 projects. An extract of our client list:

"I really want to thank you, for the strong partnership, the excellent ways of working since early 2015, and surely your patience in 2016, despite our slowness, you’ve always maintained best level of performance. You are a strong partner in enabling effective transverse communication and sharing within our community and beyond."

Project Management | Sanofi Corp.

"The roll out of the new standardized workstation was only possible because of your personal contribution. I want to thank you for your enthusiasm, hard work and the large amounts of personal time you devoted to this important project."

Orest Fiume | Vice President, Global IS Infrastructure | Aventis Pharma

"INOSOFT hat in der Konzeption, Enwicklung, Pflege und Wartung von hochkomplexen Intranet- und Datenbankanwendungen für die Deutsche Bank AG im Rahmen der Projekte Focus und Euro II seit Jahren Hervorrangendes geleistet."

Bernd Czok | Direktor, Projektbüro GTS | Deutsche Bank AG

"Das Projekt war wirklich komplex und eine Menge Mitarbeiter und Partner haben dabei mitgewirkt. Bei INOSOFT wusste ich immer, dass die Arbeitspakete in Top-Qualität und innerhalb der Timelines abgeliefert werden."

Projektleitung Re-Launch Web+ | VDE/DKE

"You should all be very proud of the part that you played in helping Aventis win the recent award for the standardized workstation globally."

Orest Fiume | Vice President, Global IS Infrastructure | Aventis Pharma

"Besonders hervorzuheben sind dabei die exzellente Qualität, die eingebrachte hohe Kreativität bei dem Design der benötigten Funktionalität und das vorhandene bankspezifische Fachwissen."

Bernd Czok | Direktor, Projektbüro GTS | Deutsche Bank AG

"I’m so happy and proud of the solution we put together. I’ve already presented it to other Enterprise Companies within my Community and they are really impressed."

Spirit TeamLead | Sanofi France


You are at the start of a new project?

You have already developed some ideas or even concrete plans for a project? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you. You only need to send an e-mail to Christiane Fischer. Or call her directly.