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A software house that is a stock company but feels like a startup. With a working environment in which every employee can and should freely develop his talents and preferences. And a workplace where ideas and innovations can also be tried out and realized in-house. This is INOSOFT.

We are looking for people with analytical abilities, curious and persevering tinkerers who want to get things moving and make a difference. People who are passionate about their work and enjoy working with others. Diploma and certificates are important. In our opinion, however, practical know-how, personal skills and social competencies are just as important.

That applies to you? Marvelous.
So send us your application!
When? Now.

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Your application

In order to be able to invite you for an interview as quickly as possible, we ask for the following documents. Please do not send us a brief application. We would like to get an idea of who you are. This includes for example ...

... a convincing cover letter
... a curriculum vitae (tabular form) including picture
... graduation diploma, Bachelor/Master certificate, employer references
... and, if available, some examples of your work, software you have developed etc.

Please send your complete application by e-mail or mail to INOSOFT AG, Personalabteilung, Im Rudert 15, D-35043 Marburg.

Our employees

Working at INOSOFT is characterized by enjoyment and cooperative contact, by personal responsibility and target-oriented behavior, and by a high degree of personal freedom.

Everyone here benefits from the know-how grown over the years within the company and from the skills of the others. By offering intense courses and trainings, we take care that the knowledge of our employees develop on a high level.

INOSOFTies do not only like working together. They can use the equipment and facilities privately, too. A child’s birthday party, a barbecue with colleagues or friends in the garden, a match on the beachvolleyball court, a poker game after work in the common room, a Carrera track in the large training room or the use of our gym: the choice is immense.
Some colleagues meet regularly for exercise. We have running groups, a group of people who meet for a circuit training early in the morning, and a group that "occupies" the gym after work.