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Only the team matters

How we work

Only the team matters

It may sound hackneyed but: Only the team matters. This is the most important thing for us. We are linked through our passion for information technologies and the creation of suitable solutions.

We always work in teams: of two or three, depending on the scope of the project and the tasks, very often consultants and developers together. Our employees studied computer science or natural sciences. All of them speak English. Some speak French, others Spanish or Russian. The more languages, the better.

Those who work together and spend much time together should ideally be on good terms, too. But this is a domain that you cannot influence. What you can influence, however, is the working atmosphere. Thus we meet regularly to celebrate a success and put down work for a while. This is just as important as the fact that a day does not only consist of meetings and task lists.Some play table soccer or volleyball on our own court or even train for a sport event. Others prefer a poker game in our common room or go out for a drink after work.

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