FragOmat: Realtime surveys for PowerPoint

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Realtime surveys for PowerPoint

Addressing an auditor directly, passing around tally sheets, inviting the audience to vote by show of hands – all good methods to interact with the audience. With our PowerPoint Add-On FragOmat, however, we achieve a wow effect: The moment when the participants click "vote" on the smartphone or tablet and see the live results flash on the wall – that’s breathtaking!

Here an example: Since it is fun speculating which team will win the European Soccer Championship, the moderators of the certificate ceremony for the audit berufundfamilie asked the guests via a PowerPoint slide: Who will take the cup home?

The guests only had to pull out their smartphones and to give their vote via keystroke:

Try it! FragOmat is free of charge and can directly be installed via the Office Store.

How it works

1 Please start PowerPoint and install the FragOmat Add-On via the Office Store.
2 After having entered the FragOmat-App on a slide of your PowerPoint presentation, you first have to log on. Please enter LIVE in the field FragOmat key and click Log on.
3 Then select in the settings the option Show QR code and link for audience. This creates the conditions for your interactive presentation: The audience connects to the presentation via the QR code or the displayed link. The questions that you will have to select in the next step are automatically transferred to the devices as soon as the respective slide is displayed.
4 In order to create further slides with questions for your audience you just have to duplicate the slide with the QR Code from the first step. Select the button Question in the settings. You will find the prepared questions in the list field Questions.

Video guide

Works on every device.
Easy. Direct. Interactive. Free of charge.

FragOmat Versions

In this free version, you can select the questions you are interested in from a given pool. A registration is not required, neither for the presenter nor for the auditors.

If you want to use your own questions, a fee-based access is required. With these credentials, you can log on the FragOmat portal to enter your questions and related answers.

Contact us at We will be happy to send you further information and a price list!