About us


About us

A lot of things have happened since INOSOFT was founded in 1993.

Then as now, we are focused on strategies and innovative solutions for business, technology and operations, mainly for large companies. The first big purchase order came from Orenstein&Koppel. Since that time, the team has grown to a number of 65 employees bringing ultimate services and solutions in consulting and systems integration, communication software and platforms, managed services, and many more, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models.

Various qualifications are required for our work: high competency, sensitivity in working with other people, openness and curiosity for the questions of our clients. We are working in mixed teams on the creation of solutions that can be perfectly integrated into the client’s business to effectively shape client value.

It is no secret that one part of the company name is derived from "innovation". Or that we like focusing on interesting subjects beyond regular project work to improve our manual skills and gain valuable experience. INOSOFT Labs are playing an important role in this process. The Lab enables our employees to deal with topics of their choice without keeping an eye on time and results. Being creative in a playful approach or by thinking laterally. This gives rise to innovation.


We are owner-run. And this does not only apply for the entry in the commercial register or for contract negotiations, but for the daily business as well.

At INOSOFT, the bosses have a seat at the table, too. Because we think that communication must not be impersonal. And a personal contact shortens the way to a solution for a client’s task.

In the picture from left to right: Markus Schwalm (COO), Karin Batz (CFO), Thomas Winzer (CEO)

Some more

We are always looking for people with analytical skills, curious and persevering tinkerers who want to get things moving and make a difference. People who are passionate about their work and enjoy working with others. Interested? Then go ahead!