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Windows XP is now 15 years old

Exactly 15 years ago, Microsoft brought Windows XP on the German market following the slogan "Everything will be easier from now on". The new operating system, technically based on the Windows NT kernel, replaced Windows 2000. At the same time, the necessary extension of our PC management software INOSOFT Garibaldi was available.

Garibaldi was our tool to perform the standardization of PC work places required by numerous companies at that time. The so-called "image" – the image of a hard disk transferred to a DVD - was generated by Garibaldi after the automatic installation of a reference computer.

In the following video, you will see the recording of an XP installation on a reference computer:

Garibaldi originated from the idea to provide large groups spending much time for the installation of operating systems and software an efficient and cost-effective solution for these tasks. For the implementation, we used the new Microsoft .NET platform that was released in 2002.