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INOSOFT draws a positive balance for 2015

2015 was a successful year for the INOSOFT AG in Marburg. But how can success be measured? One way is to count awards and nominations, another is to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

We measure the success of our work by the factors workload and quality, explains Thomas Winzer, Chairman of the company. „In the 1990ies, we worked above all in the infrastructural environment and maintained for example enterprise-wide installations of Windows operating systems. Nowadays, we are mainly a consulting and software house."

In the year 2015, the company implemented about 100 projects for its clients which took around 72.000 working hours. The result was 1,2 to 1,4 Mio. lines of source code. For trainings and courses, INOSOFT invested approx. 7.500 hours.

All in all, Winzer is very satisfied with the developments of the past year: „Given this high number of working hours, at the end, we only spent 0,7% of the working time with the correction of errors. Which is a quite good value, in my opinion, and at the same time a proof for the success of our work."

The share of the technologies and tools has changed compared to the recent years. „While ten years ago, we used almost exclusively Microsoft technologies, this has completely changed now. Currently the relation is roughly 50% Microsoft such as SharePoint and .NET, 30% Java and related areas, and 20% tools and technologies for the App development."

Cloud projects were realized as well. „But", continues Winzer, „we definitely don’t share the opinion of some of the big producers who see the cloud as a cure-all to reduce complexity or costs. We always analyze the initial situation very closely and recommend such realization scenarios only when there will be concrete potential for improvement."