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Düsseldorf, April 6-7

Presentation on G20 Meeting of Digital Ministers

The group of the 20 – G20 for short – is an informal forum of the 20 biggest industrial nations of the world. During the two-days of deliberations, one of the topics were the chances of the digitalization for growth, employment and industry. It was the first ever meeting of Digital Ministers and took place at the invitation of the Minister for Economic Affairs, Brigitte Zypries. The German government made digitalization one of its main objectives.

To inform the ministers about current technological developments, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs had invited representors from the companies Kuka, Airbus, Fraunhofer Institut as well as VDE/DKE and INOSOFT to talk about their solutions.

„A digital twin is the digital equivalent to a real, physical product", explains INOSOFT CEO Thomas Winzer. "This digital twin is born together with the product idea, serves as a template for the production and remains connected to the product during the entire life cycle."

Especially with regard to industry 4.0, it makes sense to transfer regulations and norms, too, into a machine-readable form to carry out a comparison with the digital twin. In this way, the technical aspects of the product can be checked before the start of the actual production to identify and fix potential problems of the final product. This will save time and money.

By the example of an augmented reality application, INOSOFT showed the Digital Ministers how such a solution actually looks like: As a digital equivalent to a real product, a software-based virtual switch cabinet is projected via data glasses into the field of vision of the viewer. The viewer can look at the created object from all angles.
The fully automated check "with reference to the norm" is made at the touch of a button. It can be pursued optically and three-dimensionally. When the system detects an error, the respective component is marked and troubleshooting hints are shown.

„We want to demonstrate with this solution how the virtual world merges with the real world by the digitalization of the producing industry. And which possibilities could arise therefrom", resumes Winzer. "We are proud that we could be present at the G20 conference and look forward to shaping this development."

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