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Project report

Migration from SharePoint to Office 365

A project report about the successful intranet migration from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365 and SharePoint Online carried out at the dental products producer Heraeus Kulzer in Hanau.

„After the separation from our parent group in 2013, we decided on a complete new software strategy: We now rely, among other things, on managed and hosted services. Thus, SharePoint Online was the method of choice for us", explains Lars Falinski, IT consultant at Heraeus Kulzer and responsible for the migration of the intranet.

"We wanted to build a collaboration platform both for the collaboration within the company and with external partners. This platform should require as little resources as possible from our side for managing the system. We have about 1300 users worldwide across all continents", he continues.

Heraeus Kulzer mastered all challenges and difficulties extremely well, thanks to the assistance rendered by INOSOFT, as Falinski emphasizes. The company now successfully uses the customized SharePoint Online based platform in all its subsidiaries worldwide. Currently they are working on extending the platform for the use on mobile devices.