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Project report

Open-Heart Surgery

Performing classical IT tasks is still part of our range of services for large and medium sized companies.

"One of our clients, a pharmaceutical group, asked us for the transition of a very large Intranet environment to the new version of the Intranet software", explains Marco Kern, IT consultant at INOSOFT and leader of the project. The objective was the transfer of a globally used SharePoint environment to the version SharePoint 2013 of the collaboration platform.

"To give you an idea of the dimensions", continues Kern: "Every day, about 100.000 employees in Europe, Asia and the US are working on this environment. Thus it is pretty complex. The data volume consists of 4.5 terabyte. The environment includes more than 120 applications and web applications, 160 customized solutions, 178 databases, 1500 website collections, 26390 lists, nearly 4000 team sites and more than 4 million documents and list entries. The whole thing is spread on 15 different servers."

The main challenge was not to affect the business while transferring the data. The solution: Kern and his colleagues carried out the migration during two weekends, supported by a test team of 20 persons.

The employees of the customer didn’t notice anything and were able to continue working undisturbed. They had neither been informed before the migration nor did they have to test the functionality of the environment afterwards. Only a few issues indicated the system change, but: "We managed to solve these issues quickly", explains Kern, highly satisfied with the successful course of the project. Being asked what he would do otherwise at the next migration, he answers with a grin "Nothing ... Fortunately, we usually only work on week days ...".