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Augmented Reality


Augmented/Mixed Reality

In contrast to Virtual Reality systems, Augmented Reality solutions remain visible for the environment and are enriched or augmented by additional information.

Microsoft HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens displays 3-dimensional objects and every desired information into the field of vision of the user. The user interacts with the camera via gestures and views. In doing so, he controls which information has to be displayed. Since the data glasses create a map of the environment autonomously it is possible to place objects in the virtual space to view them from all angles.

A big advantage of the HoloLens over VR systems such as the HTC Vive: The glasses work autonomously. A PC or any other device is not required for the use.

Fields of application

The HoloLens in its current shape is mainly applicable in areas where equipment items like glasses or helmets are used - for example, in the technical service: Technicians can use them for complicated reparation work without needing specialist knowledge. The relevant information is projected into the field of vision, the hands remain free for working.

INOSOFT know-how

We have already realized some solutions and application examples. Further solutions are currently under development.

Make use of this potential for your company

Digital transformation provides new opportunities for businesses of all industries. The use of virtual or augmented reality technologies offers new possibilities in sales and service. Contact us for a Augmented/Mixed Reality workshop!