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Standardization gets digital

Industry 4.0 Application "Digital twin"

Especially with regard to industry 4.0, it makes sense to transfer regulations and norms, too, into a machine-readable form to carry out a comparison with the digital twin. In this way, the technical aspects of the product can be checked before the start of the actual production to identify and fix potential problems of the final product. This will save time and money.

An ideal example how such a solution could actually look like is the application we developed: As a digital equivalent to a real product, a software-based virtual switch cabinet is projected via data glasses into the field of vision of the viewer. The viewer can look at the created object from all angles.

The automated check "with reference to the norm" is started via gesture control. It can be pursued optically. When the system detects an error, the respective component is marked and troubleshooting hints are shown.

In the video below, you can see an exemplary "view through the data glasses":

The application was presented during the G20 meeting in Düsseldorf in early April.

Direct URL to the video: http://ino.ag/digtwin