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Efficient and agile Software Engineering

AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js, React - MEAN Stack, MERN Stack

The demands for the development of efficient software are becoming higher and higher: the reasons are for one thing the great expectations of the clients due to the increasing use of mobile devices and ergonomic interfaces. Besides, the growing digitalization leads to a higher dynamic in the possibility of reacting fast and flexibly on new business models and market changes. And the fact that business-critical applications and processes generally contain much more complex data models and processes than consumer software does not really facilitate development work.

These challenges in the matter of flexibility, agility und scalability can be excellently met by the use of a JavaScript framework - because JavaScript has long outgrown its niche status as script language and become a serious development language.

After some tests and experiments, we have chosen out of the high number of available development frameworks Google’s AngularJS and the React library supported by Facebook. Both frameworks collaborate with efficient components indispensable for the development of complex software projects: at AngularJS the so-called MEAN Stack, at React MERN Stack.

MEAN Stack includes in addition to AngularJS, Express.js and Node.js the document-oriented No-SQL database MongoDB. MERN Stack contains the same components, the only difference is the use of React instead of AngularJS.

Both platforms allow to flexibly respond to requirements when building scalable solutions in an agile development process - as single page apps or as web applications according to the classical Rich Internet Application (RIA) principle.

Furthermore, both of them meet the highest demands for the application development.

Profit from this potential for your company

Are you planning a new software project? By using an agile and efficient application development basing on MEAN or MERN Stack, today’s challenges can easily be mastered. Contact us for a requirements workshop!

High availability with AngularJS, Docker and the like

Apart from the front-end development, complex application projects consist in server components and the connection to an efficient database. Our app FragOmat was completely developed on the basis of MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, and Node.js. In addition, there was Gitlab, Docker and a very interesting high availability concept allowing the integration of updates into the running system without any down time.

You will find further details on this subject in the following record of a specialist lecture:

Direct URL to the video: http://ino.ag/oh1