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Interview with Thomas Winzer, CEO INOSOFT AG

The importance of new technologies for the development of new business models

Core business of the INOSOFT AG are IT and strategy consulting and the development of tailored software solutions. The company regularly checks new technologies for a potential use at their clients and enters the market with new ideas. Innovative thinking is an essential part of the company philosophy. In the interview with Thomas Winzer, we are talking about employee development, innovations, new ideas and their implementation.

IT&MEDIA: A closer look at IT services companies quickly reveals that the INOSOFT AG is somehow „out of the ordinary". What exactly characterizes the company in your opinion?

Thomas Winzer: That’s our capacity for innovation! For example, we systematically promote and encourage our employees to work with new technologies by offering a format called "playground". In this playground, the employees meet every six weeks to deal with an innovative product or an exciting new technology in a creative, relaxed way. In this way, they playfully explore new fields of application and develop innovative ideas.

IT&MEDIA: Why is the use of new technologies at your clients so very important for you?

Thomas Winzer: Our core business is IT and strategy consulting and, of course, the development of tailored software solutions. We bring much experience into the customer relationship – we are on the market since 24 years. But always at the cutting edge. We check new technologies and approach our clients with fresh ideas. They know about that and appreciate it a lot.

IT&MEDIA: Let’s talk about the topics of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. What is the main difference between these areas? Could you explain to us?

Thomas Winzer: Sure. The wearer of virtual reality glasses immerses into a computer generated digital world. The user of the augmented reality technique, however, sees the world around him as it is. In addition, the cyber glasses project supplementary information into his field of vision ranging from text, video and sound through to animated 3D content. When you can interact with this supplementary information, we are talking about mixed reality.

IT&MEDIA: In your opinion: Which technology is the most advanced or the most important for the digitalization of the companies?

Thomas Winzer: Basically, all technologies are very advanced. We had the experience that many companies have difficulties in finding useful applications for technologies or the digitalization. This is the point, reviewing the own business model and initiating change processes, where there are the chances for digital transformation.

IT&MEDIA: What exactly makes Microsoft’s augmented reality data glasses Hololens so interesting?

Thomas Winzer: These are currently the only mixed reality glasses on the market that are available worldwide. In other words, you can develop solutions that allow the user to interact with the projected objects. This feature – combined with the excellent software development tools from Microsoft – provides the perfect basis for creating individual solutions. It allows implementing nearly every requirement.

IT&MEDIA: Thank you very much for the interview.