20. August 2021

In order to be able to use tools and applications in the near future that contribute significantly to climate neutrality, the IT of the Bundeswehr has called for a nationwide hackathon - "hack" for the English "to hack" "technical tinkering" in connection with hardware and software development and "marathon".

Marathon - that means for the participating INOSOFT developer team: to quickly have a brilliant idea, to implement it creatively, many tests - few breaks, to fail in between and at the end the presentation of a prototype, which impresses the jury so much that it also results in a good prize money.   The colleagues quickly had an idea of virtual collaboration between work groups in the Bundeswehr.  It should be possible to bring together as many people as needed in a virtual room - independent of their location, without time delays due to travel and therefore CO2 neutral.   The idea was to provide a system based on the new multi-user VR environment, with which several people can move simultaneously in an artificial environment under the guidance of an instructor/trainer and interact audiovisually with each other. The solution was to be specifically tailored to the desired scenarios of the Bundeswehr, such as rooms for operational briefings, virtual battle stations or simulations of situations in the field: