Company Presentation at the University of Marburg

14. November 2019

Yesterday, the "Future Day" of the University of Marburg took place once again for interested students.

A company presentation creates the framework for informative discussions with students who are looking for jobs to start their careers, but also for internships, e.g. for the practical semester, as well as for student jobs and student research projects in practice. These discussions often serve as a first contact to later employees in the company. Through study-accompanying internships, for example, it is possible for both sides to find out very quickly whether they are compatible to each other and whether their ideas about a later employment match.

Reason for visiting the university, however, was not only the discussions with the participants of the event, but also the long-standing cooperation with the professors and the respective departments. At an event such as the Future Day, people meet to discuss new projects and other opportunities for cooperation.