Real-time support

The system can be used successfully in mechanical and plant engineering, for example. Instead of sending a mechanic to the customer for every incident, as was previously the case, which was sometimes associated with long travel times and corresponding machine downtimes, the manufacturer can now guide his customers from the headquarters through the repair via a video connection and the display or drawing in of additional information. The only requirement: a smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection.

Establishing a connection is simple and fast: The machine operator reports an incident to the manufacturer. The responsible expert then sends him a link (e.g., via SMS or email), which the operator only has to click on and the connection is established. The installation of an app is not necessary.

Via the video connection, the expert can now see on the PC what the operator sees on his display and analyze and isolate the malfunction together with him. In this way, he guides the operator step by step through the troubleshooting process and can, where necessary, show or draw in data sheets, images, drawings, videos or answer options on which the operator should focus his attention.

i40-Portal has varied features for convenient, safe and user-friendly handling. There are different ways to create sessions and an extensive session and activity management to ensure invoicing, evaluations, use of recurring use cases, etc.  The system is robust and scalable, meaning that the quality of the connections adapts to the circumstances. If a connection breaks, it reconnects right away.

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