Short retrofitting times

The application was developed specifically for the Microsoft HoloLens: These data glasses have first-class sensor technology that makes it possible to place virtual markings quite precisely. In addition, the glasses are operated by gesture control, so that the technician has his hands free and can concentrate completely on the work steps at the plant.

How does the system work? After the technician has put on the data glasses and put them into operation, a virtual assistant guides him step by step through the sometimes extensive activities for retrofitting the machine: What needs to be done is described in detail in the field of vision. Images and short video sequences are played in. At the same time, the data glasses virtually mark the relevant component on the system so that the technician can see exactly what the instructions refer to.

When everything is done, a green check mark appears in the field of vision of the data glasses: Task completed, the next step can begin.

The video on the right clearly shows how the virtual assistant works and how digital guidance can simplify the work.

Conclusion The main advantages of this solution are the savings in costs and time for the technician's assignment, including travel, and the significantly reduced downtimes for the machines concerned thanks to rapid on-site retrofitting. And what's more: The customer can carry out the retrofit independently and is not dependent on the manufacturer.