Digital twin - Part 2: Check against the standard

After clarifying the basic feasibility of such a software solution in the first part of the project, the second part focused on the implementation of the requirement "check against the standard".

For this purpose, we expanded and completed the existing application solution - consisting of data glasses, server backend, interface and web interface for administration.

While in the first part of the implementation the complete switch cabinet was represented in the form of a virtual model, the task now was to check the parts contained in a real switch cabinet for their standard-compliant structure. For this purpose, the test setup is superimposed on the real switch cabinet with the aid of the data glasses and the digitized framework data of the relevant standard. The data glasses recognize the installed components, compare their arrangement, installation height and other parameters with the specifications and mark the respective components in green or red.

The video shows the system in action during a final inspection. First, the test setup (blue color) is placed over the components and automatically compared. Defective or non-standard components are marked in red. In addition, the inspector can visually check the results of the automatic process and fine-tune them if necessary.

The exploitable results of the project were then transferred into a blueprint, which will be used as a basis for the creation of new standards under the aspect of machine readability and comprehensibility.

At the Hannover Messe, this project was one of the highlights at the joint booth of DKE and INOSOFT: