HoloLens: Hologram of a water pump

High-quality industrial pumps look uncomplicated, but perform a lot in the field of water applications - such as swimming pools, ships and wastewater -  to make water operations as efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable as possible.

In order to clearly illustrate the functioning of a modern water pump on a full scale, the technical drawings were transferred into a virtual object, a so-called hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image that has a physical presence in real space and can be viewed from all sides.

The hologram of the water pump could then be superimposed on the real world using an app provided by our VR/AR team and the Microsoft HoloLens. The sensors and technology of the HoloLens ensure that the object is always displayed in the placed position, even if the wearer of the data glasses moves.

The digital model of the pump can be rotated and viewed from all sides. It is also possible to see the individual components of the system in the form of an exploded view. Furthermore, the water flow can be simulated optically.

The video shows the view through the HoloLens.