Apple's ARKit and the animated business card

For this purpose, Apple introduced ARKit with iOS 11 at the "WWDC 2017" trade show, which allows every iOS device equipped with an A9 or newer processor to run augmented reality applications. At Google, the extension is called ARCore and also offers an environment for the development of augmented reality apps, here accordingly for smartphones with Android operating system.

To get familiar with the possibilities and limitations of ARKit in particular, our augmented reality team has developed an application called AR Card, which can be used to "pin" additional information to a real business card via augmented reality.

How it works? The application first scans the business card. After that, the additional information is captured: This can be images or links to websites or social media profiles.

If you then hold one of the captured business cards under the camera, the application recognizes the respective card and virtually attaches the available information. What is interesting here is how precisely this is done: You can move the card in all directions, and the superimposed information immediately follows your movements "firmly anchored".

If you would like to try out the app: AR Card App is available free of charge in the App Store for iPhone and iPad:

Apple Store