Real-estate tour, virtual

Virtual Reality Sparkasse

Photo: VR data glasses Oculus Go

Specifically, the question was to what extent properties that had been 'filmed' in advance could be made virtually walkable with the help of Facebook's Oculus Go virtual reality data glasses.

In the pilot project, the new branch of the Sparkasse in Biedenkopf was photographed in high resolution with a special camera. The images were then combined to create a 360-degree view and transferred to a virtual model.

This artificial model can be seen via the data glasses and offers a tour with a detailed view of the rooms and exterior views:


This virtual form of initial viewing offers extraordinary advantages for all sides. Real estate can be viewed at any time and from any device - from the comfort of your sofa at home.

Furthermore, there is no need to coordinate appointments with family, seller and real estate agent. Because this is only started when the interest becomes concrete. Also, with 360-degree viewing, a property can be shown in advance to family, friends and even the financing bank, so that they can get an impression of the property and form a first opinion.