Big anniversary, great joy
We celebrate 30 years of INOSOFT!

Wow, 30 years of INOSOFT! That's 30 years of quality. 30 years of customer focus. And 30 years of team spirit. It's no wonder that (almost) everything at INOSOFT 2023 is dedicated to the anniversary. After all, you only turn 30 once.

On March 9, the starting signal for the anniversary year was given: On this day, the company INOSOFT was registered in the commercial register 30 years before - as a company for software development and IT trainings.

Other business areas follow. Companies and cities from the surrounding area ask for internet presences, and development and consulting are gaining more and more importance. The local pharmaceutical industry also quickly becomes a steady customer base, which expands in the direction of large-scale industry and thus also into medical technology, banks and insurance companies.

The company is growing continuously. The low employee turnover is no coincidence. INOSOFT has focused on work-life balance from the very beginning and has been regularly certified as family-friendly by the Hertiestiftung's berufundfamilie audit for its employee-friendly measures since 2002.

We would like to thank all our customers, business partners and employees for their loyalty and trusting cooperation - and we look forward to the next 30 years!

Anniversary videos

The round birthday is a great occasion to review exciting and important aspects of the past three decades. To this end, we have invited some interesting guests to talk to us.

1 - The most important events and milestones of the past three decades

Karin Batz, Markus Schwalm and Thomas Winzer give insights.

2 - Employee No. 1

What would the company be without its employees! In this episode, Alexander Ihls, our first employee, is our guest.

3 - 30 years of INOSOFT from the customer's point of view

And what would the company be without exciting customers! Therefore, we are very pleased to welcome Konrad Hecker from the pharmaceutical company Sanofi on our couch. We have a very long collaboration with him and the company.

4 - Our new company video

On the occasion of our anniversary, we assigned for a new company video. We talk to Steffen Schmidt about the conception of the video and the realization and about what experiences the film team had during the shooting.

5 - What all went wrong ...

In this video, we bring to light a few aspects and projects that actually didn't go so well.

6 - Stories & Anecdotes

This episode is about funny, remarkable, questionable incidents - in short, stories and anecdotes from our many projects over the last few years.


And how do employees view the company? Here are some interior views:

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