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07. June 2022

Large crowd at the synagogue demonstration

The idea of showing visitors the virtual synagogue at "Tischlein-deck-dich" proved to be spot on.

20. May 2022

Our gift for the 800th anniversary of the city of Marburg

On the occasion of the city anniversary Marburg800 we have virtually reconstructed the medieval synagogue at Obermarkt.

02. May 2022

Girls'Day 2022

12 girls were our guests on 28.4. and experienced an exciting program around the topic Virtual-/Augmented Reality.

Our WeeklyTalk is a live stream in german where we talk about all kinds of topics related to digitization as well as interesting aspects from our projects.

The topic of the next show:

About the virtualization of our existence …

No registration required, just join us on Thursday, December 08 at 4:00pm via INOSOFT.de!

Overview of past shows.

Fields of activity, technologies & industries

We accompany companies from strategic consulting, through conception to the finished solution - from the idea to the implementation. Our three business units Software Engineering, Consulting and Innovations are closely interlinked, so we achieve the best possible result depending on the task!

We do not remain one-dimensionally limited to one industry: Our projects benefit from our knowledge and experience from a wide range of industries and sectors. The focus, with decades of comprehensive project experience, is on the finance and insurance industry, the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, and mechanical engineering.

And we develop innovative digital products: Based on augmented reality technology, our i40-Portal.com enables location-independent consulting and maintenance. And with the multi-user virtual reality platform MUVR, up to 100 people can work together on virtual objects in an artificial environment.

designed, implemented and managed in the past 29 years. With slightly more than 70 employees. With slightly more under- than over-forty-year-olds. With slightly more coffee drinkers than tea drinkers.

And with a little more willingness to perform than other companies: That's INOSOFT.

25 years Microsoft Partner

In February 1997, we received our first  certificate of appointment as a Microsoft Partner. The fact that we are still “part of it" a quarter of a century later was certainly not thought possible at the time. We take this anniversary as an opportunity to review some episodes of this long partnership:

#9 Site Server, SharePoint
It all started with Site Server and Tahoe (1996). Back then, Jeff Teper and his team started development under the premise of "bringing search, documents, Office and the web together." Then, with the release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft laid the foundation for today's major releases, SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Online. Starting in the mid-2010s, we helped numerous companies adopt this technology, designing and deploying countless SharePoint-based solutions. This expertise did not escape Microsoft's attention at the time, and so we formulated considerable quantities of so-called one-pagers - special marketing documents that Microsoft then used for internal and external promotional activities. More …