Prospects in the industry of the future
Information Technology

Breaking new ground, driving ideas forward, developing solutions, implementing innovations. Doesn't that sound like an exciting challenge?


A software house that is a stock company but feels like a startup. With a working environment in which every employee can and should freely develop his talents and preferences. And a workplace where ideas and innovations can also be tried out and realized in-house.

And a trusting and cooperative corporate culture, which is based on the best possible compatibility of family, work and private life.

True to our mission statement Sunday looking forward to Monday!
This is INOSOFT.

Job offers

In German, because we want to test your language skills!

Nothing for you?

No reason not to apply! Because maybe we just do not know that we absolutely need you in our team. Show initiative and convince us!

We are looking constantly for people with analytical abilities, curious and persevering tinkerers who want to get things moving and make a difference. People who are passionate about their work and enjoy working with others. Diploma and certificates are important. In our opinion, however, practical know-how, personal skills and social competencies are just as important.

Your application

In order to be able to invite you for an interview as quickly as possible, we ask for the following documents. Please do not send us a brief application. We would like to get an idea of who you are. This includes for example a curriculum vitae (tabular form) including picture, certificates and - if available - some examples of your work, software you have developed etc.

Please send your complete application by e-mail at or mail to: INOSOFT AG, Personalabteilung, Im Rudert 15, 35043 Marburg.

We look forward to you!

Interested in a first contact?

In an interview you can find out whether a position really suits you and thus create the best basis for your application afterwards. We are represented at the following events or career fairs:

April 27, 2023 - Girls Day 2023
May 04, 2023 - Ansage Zukunft - Personnel Fair

Are you ready to start a career at INOSOFT?

And here is the recording of a livestream we made during the action week "Ansage Nahe Zukunft" of the Arbeitsagentur Marburg: We introduce the company, take a tour of the premises, show examples of work and let a few colleagues have a word.