We design modern, performant, individual, beautiful digital Solutions.

Fields of activity, technologies & industries

We accompany companies through the entire project cycle: from idea to implementation. Our business areas software development, consulting and innovation are closely connected. Thus we achieve the best possible result for every challenge!

We do not remain one-dimensionally limited to one industry: Our projects benefit from our knowledge and experience from a wide range of industries and sectors. The focus, with decades of comprehensive project experience, is on the finance and insurance industry, the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, and mechanical engineering.

And we develop innovative digital products: Based on augmented reality technology, our i40-Portal.com enables location-independent consulting and maintenance. And with the multi-user virtual reality platform MUVR, up to 100 people can work together on virtual objects in an artificial environment.

designed, implemented and managed in the past 28 years. With slightly more than 70 employees. With slightly more under- than over-forty-year-olds. With slightly more coffee drinkers than tea drinkers.

And with a little more willingness to perform than other companies: That's INOSOFT.