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02. May 2023

Girls'Day 2023

14 girls were our guests on 27.4. and experienced an exciting program around the topic Virtual-/Augmented Reality.

09. March 2023

30 years INOSOFT - Birthday

Pioneering spirit, innovative spirit and a large portion of luck - INOSOFT looks back on 30 years of company history.

17. February 2023

New version Virtual Synagogue

Visitors can now "interact" with objects, meaning they can virtually touch and move them.

09. January 2023

Round anniversary, great joy

We are celebrating 30 years of INOSOFT this year!

30. August 2022

Digital Minister Sinemus visits INOSOFT

The example of INOSOFT shows how Augmented & Virtual Reality and AI can be used transparently.

07. June 2022

Virtual Synagogue Demonstration: Large Crowd

The idea of presenting the Virtual Synagogue to the visitors at "Tischlein-deck-dich" proved to be spot on.

20. May 2022

Our gift for the anniversary of the city of Marburg

On the occasion of the city anniversary Marburg800 we have virtually reconstructed the medieval synagogue at Obermarkt.

03. March 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

We condemn the outrageous military aggression against Ukraine and have donated money to emergency humanitarian funds.

09. February 2022

25 Jahre Microsoft Partner

Die erste Ernennungs-urkunde aus dem Jahr 1997 war unterzeichnet von einem Herrn namens Bill Gates.

28. January 2022

All good things come in threes

INOSOFT colleagues get booster vaccination. Second appointment for booster vaccination.

07. January 2022

So much for "it's all just a gimmick"

Immersion in virtual reality: This is a scenario that is usually only associated with computer games.

17. November 2021

Influenza vaccination

For the second time INOSOFT offers a free influenza vaccination for all employees.

06. September 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021 in the garden

Pleasing business performance in 2020. Executive Board and Supervisory Board discharged. Profit to be distributed. Shareholders satisfied.

26. August 2021

5. Hessischer Innovationskongress

... is according to the organizer the forum for innovative companies. We are there and show our Virtual Reality solutions.

20. August 2021


In order to be able to use tools in the future that contribute to climate neutrality, the Bundeswehr has called for a hackathon.

27. July 2021

Project: Virtual experimentation room

As part of an internal "research task", we are investigating the question of the extent to which creative collaboration is possible with the help of virtual reality.

22. June 2021

Seventh berufundfamilie audit certificate in a row

Marburg system house was today ceremoniously honored for work-life balance policy

15. April 2021

Employees are our treasures

In a video series, the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs presents examples of successful employee retention.

18. February 2021

... then we just do our own thing

How it can succeed in transferring the experience of a real conference visit to a virtual event.

11. January 2021

High performance at the push of a button

Our fiber optic connection and the long cooperation is the subject of an article in the customer magazine of Stadtwerke Marburg.

24. July 2020

First general meeting in the garden

08. June 2020

Sanofi Digital Campus 2020

16. March 2020

COVID-19 – Information for our Customers

16. December 2019

INOSOFT in Power Plattform Partner Council

29. October 2019

Discussion: Cultural Change in the Working World

11. July 2019

Augmented Reality Workshop

11. April 2019

New version of our Augmented Reality Platform i40-Portal

01. February 2019

About digitalization and artificial intelligence

16. December 2018

Prize goes to INOSOFT

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