The latest news and information about INOSOFT and our main areas of activity.

Large crowd at the synagogue demonstration

The idea of showing visitors the virtual synagogue at "Tischlein-deck-dich" proved to be spot on.

Our gift for the 800th anniversary of the city of Marburg

On the occasion of the city anniversary Marburg800, we have virtually reconstructed the medieval synagogue at the end of the Obermarkt, which was discovered during construction work in the 90s.

Girls'Day 2022

Girls'Day - Girls' Future Day - is a nationwide day of action for girls in grades 5 and up.

Are you ready for Augmented Reality

Since 2019, we have been providing a web application for so-called "real-time support from a distance" with our i40-Portal.

Solidarity with Ukraine

We condemn the outrageous military aggression against Ukraine and have donated money to emergency humanitarian funds.

25 Jahre Microsoft Partner

Im Februar 1997 erhielten wir unsere erste Ernennungsurkunde zum Microsoft Partner. Dass wir ein Vierteljahrhundert später immer noch dabei sind, hat damals sicher niemand für möglich gehalten.

All good things come in threes

INOSOFT colleagues get booster vaccination. Second date for booster vaccination.

INOSOFT Live Stream

The INOSOFT Weekly Talk is a weekly live stream where we talk about all kinds of topics and aspects within IT in general and our projects in particular and exchange ideas with the viewers.

So much for "it's all just a gimmick"

Immersion in virtual reality is a scenario that is usually associated only with the world of computer games. Yet virtual reality and augmented reality - i.e., the superimposition of digital objects on the real environment - have long been anything but mere gimmicks.

Christmas Poem - 2021 Edition

Our traditional Christmas poem ...

Influenza vaccination

For the second time INOSOFT offers a free influenza vaccination for all employees.

Annual General Meeting 2021 in the garden

Pleasing business performance in 2020. Executive Board and Supervisory Board discharged. Profit to be distributed. Shareholders satisfied.

5. Hessischer Innovationskongress

The HIK21 Digital (01.-02.09.2021), organized by the Economic Development Agency of the State of Hesse, is, according to the organizer, "the forum for innovative companies". This year we are in on the action.


In order to be able to use tools and applications in the near future that contribute significantly to climate neutrality, the IT of the Bundeswehr has called for a nationwide hackathon - "hack" for the English "to hack" "technical tinkering" in connection with hardware and software development and "marathon".

Project: Virtual experimentation room

In times of home office and a high dynamic of change, new forms of collaboration are needed – to approach problem solving spatially separated on the one hand, but in an increased collaborative way on the other. We are currently testing how this can look like in our virtual experimental room: Here, we investigate the question to what extent virtual reality technology can be used to enable creative collaboration.

Seventh berufundfamilie audit certificate in a row

INOSOFT receives the berufundfamilie audit certificate for the seventh time in a row and is the only medium-sized company to have earned the award without interruption since 2002. The certificate is awarded by the Board of curators of berufundfamilie Service GmbH as a seal of quality for a strategically designed family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy.

Re-audit beruf-und-familie

INOSOFT has been pursuing a family-conscious personnel policy since 2002 to improve the compatibility of work and family. The seventh re-audit has just been started.

Girls' Day 2021

More than 50 girls attended our virtual event and experienced an exciting program on the topic of virtual-/augmented reality.

Employees are our treasures

In a video series, the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs presents examples of successful employee retention.

... then we just do our own thing

How it can succeed in transferring the experience of a real conference visit to a virtual event.

High performance at the push of a button

Our fiber optic connection and the long cooperation is the subject of an article in the customer magazine of Stadtwerke Marburg.

Christmas Poem - 2020 Edition

Our (almost already) traditional Christmas poem ...

First general meeting in the garden

Satisfactory business performance in 2019. Board of Management and Supervisory Board discharged.

Sanofi Digital Campus 2020

We have a long-standing customer relationship with Sanofi, therefore we were present with two lectures.

About Home Office and Hope

CEO Thomas Winzer talks to Steffen Schmidt about the situation of moving to the home office with over 70 employees.

COVID-19 – Information for our Customers

With the exception of a small number, all employees are now in the home office.

Education Trade Show “Ansage Zukunft 2020”

This year again we underlined the whole thing with the presentation of an Augmented Reality application.

INOSOFT in Power Plattform Partner Council

Microsoft confirmed INOSOFT AG as a member of the exclusive Power Platform Partner Council.

Company Presentation at the University of Marburg

A company presentation creates the framework for informative discussions with students who are looking for jobs to start their careers.

Discussion: Cultural Change in the Working World

Panel discussion with INOSOFT CFO Karin Batz about the cultural change in the working world.

Augmented Reality Workshop

Hands-on Workshop Augmented Reality using different data glasses.

New version of our Augmented Reality Platform i40-Portal

i40-Portal is an innovative AR application for real time remote assistance of employees, technicians and users on site over long distances.

Gartner IT Symposium 2019

Our COO Markus was for us at the Gartner IT Symposium in Barcelona.

About digitalization and artificial intelligence

Sascha Buurman talks to Thomas Winzer about digitalization and artificial intelligence - buzzwords in the start-up press and at many entrepreneur events.

Prize goes to INOSOFT

The prize for family-friendly companies is awarded by Marburg and the district and goes to INOSOFT.