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It's a Marburg800 project that combines remembering, experiencing and inventing. For the city's anniversary, the medieval synagogue at the end of the Obermarkt is being virtually reconstructed.

Discovered during excavations in the 1990s, state-of-the-art technology makes the building of the medieval synagogue "walkable" again on the PC. INOSOFT presented this time travel for the first time at the exhibition opening "Jewish life in Marburg, remembering creates identity".

Based on old drawings, photos of the excavation site and hints from historians, the building was recreated to scale in such a way that it can be "experienced almost real" with data glasses. The object is history, the method is the future, the experience is the present, says Mayor Dr. Thomas Spies happily, inviting everyone to the exciting adventure journey into the early 14th century.

August 2022

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